SRBI: Connecticut’s Framework for RtI

All schools in Connecticut have the collective responsibility to ensure that research validated practices are embedded daily in order to achieve these desired goals. The basic principles of a Response to Intervention (RTI) model hold considerable promise for helping Connecticut schools improve education for all students and address the large disparities within the state.

The State Department of Education’s framework for RTI, entitled Using Scientific Research-Based Interventions: Improving Education for All Students, builds upon the coherence of various researched-based school improvement models

Connecticut's Framework for RTI: A Family Guide

Using Scientific Research-Based Interventions: Improving Education for All Students

Teachers, administrators, and families want all children to succeed. There are many ways to get children who are struggling to learn the additional help they need to be successful. One way is with the use of “scientific research-based interventions” (SRBI).

This booklet reviews what SRBI are and includes questions you might want to ask your child’s school or program to learn more about how they are using SRBI as a framework to improve teaching and learning. Also included here are ways families can be a part of the decision-making process and what to do when you have concerns about your child’s progress.

Download the Family Guide to RTI (pdf, 494kb)

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