Submitted by Michelle LeBrun-Griffin, Project Coordinator

Presentation by Regina Murzak, Principal, and Kellie Farr, 4th Grade Teacher and PBIS Coach, Laurel Ledge School, RSD #16

During the Bureau of Special Education’s Back to School session, Dr. Brandi Simonsen, Center for Education and Behavior Research/UCONN, spoke about the systems approach to PBIS. She highlighted current research studies and declared, “If we want equitable student outcomes, then we need culturally valid decision-making, culturally relevant interventions, and culturally knowledgeable staff behavior.” Dr. Simonsen shared that comprehensive professional development, including training, coaching, and performance feedback was needed focusing on how and to what degree teachers are using evidence-based practices to create a more conducive learning environment for students.

Representatives from Laurel Ledge School in Region #16 (Beacon Falls, Prospect) spoke about how their successful implementation of PBIS resulted in change in student outcomes. Regina and Kellie referenced their participation in CT’s SPDG as a catalyst for systems change. We want to publicly thank them for their accolades and share with you their lessons learned as one of our stellar Cohort 1 schools. Click here to watch a video from this event.

Published: October 6, 2014