Submitted by Nikki Hendry, Technical Assistance Provider

Nonnewaug - Honesty
The SPDG leadership team at Nonnewaug High School recognized that student input would be valuable to the process of rolling out PBIS practices in its common areas.

Nonnewaug - Respect
Students were given an opportunity to create products that represented the school’s three expectations of Honesty, Respect, and Perseverance. The student body voted for their favorites, including posters, artwork, and a story about how a mysterious cloaked figure tried to influence the students to break the rules. The artwork is displayed throughout the school, and one of the posters created by students became the banners that hang in the hallways. The leadership team was able to have some of the common areas spruced up to include a television to share announcements, fresh paint, and posters of the behavioral expectations for these areas.

Nonnewaug - Perseverance
For the rollout in the common areas, which include the hallways, bathrooms, lobby, and auditorium, the SPDG team developed the behavior matrix with input from staff and students. Lessons were developed, and the expectations were taught to the students during the advisory period that is built into the schedule.

Staff have been giving students tickets for following the behavior expectations. Students even offered a “flip the ticket” idea, in which students give tickets to staff. This has helped build excitement about implementing PBIS as the school moves forward with rollout in other areas of the building.

Published: November 7, 2014