The Art of Coaching for Transformational Systems Change with Elena Aguilar

This is a two (2) day event – Monday, November 30, & Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Elena Aguilar, author of The Art of Coaching, is committed to supporting educators in their individual and collective transformation. Her goal for school transformation, congruent with SERC’s mission, is to ensure every child receives a quality education and experiences success that is not predictable by zip code, race/ethnicity, religion, ability level, home language, socioeconomic status, gender, or sexual orientation.

In this highly interactive, two-day presentation, Elena will share practical strategies and resources for educators in influential positions, as well as those who support educational leaders as external coaches, to explicitly raise and eradicate inequities that have been institutionalized in our schools and districts. She will help participants examine beliefs and behaviors that have hindered student achievement, and share authentic coaching experiences that have directly resulted in improved outcomes for each and every child.