From the Desk of: B-3 and SPDG

Submitted by Don Briere, Ph.D., Project Director, CSDE and Aileen McKenna, B-3 Consultant

A critical partner of CT’s SPDG is the CT Birth-to-Three (Part C) system. All children in B-3 have been determined to be eligible due to either a significant developmental delay or a diagnosed medical condition with a high likelihood of resulting in a developmental delay. The B-3 system focuses on working with families in every school district across the state. to prepare these young children for transition into school. Within the SPDG, B-3’s work has been extended to provide focused training support to staff. This training will assist staff members in recognition of critical indicators that may lead to challenging situations for families (e.g., domestic abuse, substance abuse, mental health issues, parents with intellectual disabilities, poverty, severe socioeconomic stressors, and medically fragile/chronically ill/terminally ill children). During this year of the SPDG, nine focused training/support days will occur where approximately 40 B-3 providers will engage in a learning community. Within each of these days, participants will hear from an expert in the field regarding best practice, resources, and current research. A lecture and focused article review format will allow for content access and follow-up application. Each session will be recorded and posted on the CT SPDG website at

Published: February 10, 2015