From the Desk of: Exciting things in the New Year!

Submitted by Don Briere, Ph.D., Project Director, CSDE and Michelle LeBrun-Griffin, Project Coordinator

There are exciting things happening with CT’s SPDG in the New Year! We continue to see dedicated work from participating school teams and are eager to share with you a few highlights for the coming months.

As 25 Cohort 2 schools, embark on their final phase of participation with CT’s SPDG, they will be completing their Winter Data Review over the next month to review how systems and practices are supporting effectiveness of core instruction and intervention. This concerted effort will focus on the disaggregate review of data from various data sources to ensure all targets are met by year’s end.

Cohort 3 schools approach the New Year with continued focus on the development of Tier 2 and 3 systems of support. Over the next month, these 21 schools will be taking a closer look at how to maximize instruction for learners with disabilities through their participation in our on-line Standards-Based IEP module.

Cohort 4, our newest cohort of 14 schools, has completed the essential components of school-wide positive behavior support systems. Next month, they will be focusing on how their core literacy practices are accessible for all learners, including how students’ Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) are resulting in educational benefit.

In addition, School Leadership Team members from each Cohort have made a full transition to the use of Schoology and the CT SPDG website for immediate access to information, resources, and ongoing communications/updates. As we begin documentation for submission of our Annual Performance Report in April, please check back here to see how CT’s SPDG is impacting student outcomes in participating schools.

Published: February 2, 2015