In the Spotlight: Educational Benefit – A Marriage of Compliance and Quality

Submitted by Nikki Hendry and Missy Wrigley, Technical Assistance Providers

The Educational Benefit Review Process, informally called “Ed Benefit”, is a structured process that provides school teams the opportunity to examine three years of IEPs for improved educational outcomes. Following local compliance requirements alone does not guarantee that students are receiving quality programming to meet goals and objectives, demonstrate growth year to year, show improved outcomes on state and district assessments, graduate high school, or achieve other goals such as postsecondary education, employment, or independent living. Ed Benefit increases educators’ ability to ensure students’ goals and objectives are age appropriate, based on general education content and expectations, include specially designed instruction, foster greater independence, and involve families.

Schools participating in CT’s SPDG have the opportunity to participate in an Educational Benefit Review Process at the beginning of their involvement with the grant and at the end. Patterns in post data show that schools are doing a better job of: using multiple sources of data to determine present level of performance; creating goals and objectives that are more observable, measurable, and specific; analyzing use of accommodations and assistive technologies to increase student independence; and increasing communication between school and home.

More information about the Educational Benefit Review Process can be found on SERC’s website.

Published: December 5, 2014