In the Spotlight: Region 10

Submitted by Janet N.Y. Zarchen, Technical Assistance Provider

Lake Garda School and Harwinton Consolidated School in Region 10 have worked closely together throughout the grant period in order to develop consistent effective practices. The reading teachers at each school, Joanne Ellsworth and Angela Pasqualini, recently shared what changes have occurred as a result of the schools’ participation in SPDG:

Our participation in the grant has helped us at both the school and district level. At the school level, we have been able to look closely at the teams and meetings that we had in place in order to streamline the groups and make our time more efficient and purposeful. At the district level, we have revised our SRBI document so that all schools are following a similar procedure. The work we did with both schools to develop the flow chart has helped clearly define our response to intervention.

Published: February 17, 2015