Something to Consider: “The Power of Believing You Can Improve” TED Talk by Carol Dweck

Submitted by Michelle LeBrun-Griffin, Project Coordinator

When working with school teams to establish a multi-tiered system of support, I am often asked about my learning philosophy. I receive questions like, “Do you believe nature or nurture has more to do with student success?”, “Do you really believe students with disabilities can achieve grade level standards?”, “Do you think we can make a difference for children who are challenged every day by their life experiences outside of school?”

In response, I find myself vulnerable and expose both personal and professional stories about when teachers have made a difference in the life of a child. In reflecting on what was common in each of these learning situations, a colleague shared the attached video with me. I thought it was relevant to share given the time of year, as we reflect and renew our commitment to the children and families we serve.

Please take the time to review this 10 minute video and think about: How would teaching and learning change if we focused on building a “bridge to yet”? How might this type of change influence our school culture/our personal and collective “mindset” about ability and intelligence? How might a growth mindset decrease the effects of “stereotype threat and academic disidentification” for students of color (

I am thankful to Carol Dweck for synthesizing her research for this TED Talk so succinctly. I also continue to take pride in CT’s SPDG for supporting participating school leadership teams to engage in this important dialogue as we strive to establish learning environments where every child can experience success. After reviewing the video, I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts and how it influenced you

Published: December 19, 2014