Something to Consider: “Start with Why” TED Talk by Simon Sinek

Submitted by Michelle LeBrun-Griffin, Project Coordinator

As someone who has been involved with SRBI since its inception in CT, I am often asked, “Why SRBI?”. I find myself explaining the similarities and differences between RTI and SRBI, where SRBI language sits in both ESEA and IDEA, and referring people to the overview section (pages 13-21) of the SRBI document that clearly articulates the underlying principles of CT’s SRBI Framework.

However, after reviewing this video, I am reminded that my messaging needs to change. It needs to reflect the original purpose, cause, and belief that inspired us to look at a multi-tiered system of support as a means for every child to achieve high standards and graduate college and career ready.

Please take the time to review this 5 minute video and think: What if we acted from the inside out? What if, as we strive to implement SRBI with fidelity, we stay true to our focus on equity? How would this change our behaviors and educational decisions? If we kept equity at the center, how would what we say to and do for the children and families we serve be different?

Like Simon Sinek, I am optimistic that CT’s SPDG has afforded us the opportunity to engage in this dialogue with participating schools and to take the lead on creating learning environments where every child can experience success. After reviewing the video, I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts and how it influenced you.

Published: October 20, 2014