Voices from the Field: PBIS in New London

Submitted by Bill Bannish, Technical Assistance Provider

We are so proud of the members of the New London High School Leadership Team for the work they have put in to PBIS. They have finalized the draft versions of the following documents:

  • School-wide Behavioral Expectations Matrix
  • Classroom Behavioral Expectations Matrix (the team now has to make them for each of the other locations)
  • Behavioral Flow Chart
  • SWIS Compatible Discipline Referral Form
  • Rewards for Staff (they hope to begin implementing at least 2-3 for the remainder of the year)
  • Classroom management interventions list (Tier I and Tier II)

The most impressive part of the PBIS work was how New London High School merged its existing school and classroom rules with a new school-wide approach. The team is also looking at an exciting new cell phone policy as it refines its school-wide PBIS Matrix. Stay tuned for further information when the PBIS documents are finalized.

Published: February 27, 2015