Voices from the Field: Regional School District 4 – Valley Regional High School

Submitted by Janet Zarchen, Technical Assistance Provider

As a Cohort 2 school, Valley Regional High School in Deep River, CT is in its third year of grant implementation. Jessica Dwyer, an English teacher and a member of the SPDG school leadership team, shared the following thoughts about how participation in the grant has impacted her classroom practice.

I feel I have a better “tool box” now from which to choose student support options. The training on accommodations vs. modifications coupled with the CRT (culturally relevant/responsive teaching) training allows for many avenues to approach a student and identify and address his or her needs. The grant process has given me the opportunity to question my practice and discuss philosophy again with my colleagues in a time that we are all so caught up with the logistics of evaluation. It helps keep the student in the center of the discussion and emphasize the roles my colleagues have in which we can support one another in supporting the student.

Published: December 17, 2014