Voices from the Field: Strategic Decision Making – Judson Elementary School

Submitted by Carly Quiros

At the end of October, seven members of Judson Elementary School’s SPDG leadership team participated in the Cohort 4 Strategic Decision Making Training alongside five other SPDG schools. With a focus on literacy, participants examined ways to interpret and analyze assessment data, reflected on and planned for the use of indicators of strategic decision making in SRBI and evaluated and refined school-based processes for intervention planning and progress monitoring.

Throughout the two learning days, the team worked together to share ideas and develop a common understanding of strategies to support all learners. One card sort activity challenged the team to identify the differences between varied types of supports and interventions that students might receive. Another activity required the team to use clear and precise language to describe a concern and plan for student growth and progress monitoring; the team was quickly reminded that words like “always”, “often” and “occasionally” mean different things to different team members. These are just a couple of the activities that prepared this leadership team for the training’s culminating activity, which included reflecting on a school-based case study and making decisions based on data.

One Judson leadership team member, Patricia Chipko, summarized her learning in this way: “I feel like I have a better handle on what students need. Because we looked at one of my students in the case study, I feel more prepared to return to school tomorrow and implement strategies to better support her right away.” According to another leadership team member, Rachel Reiter, “It was helpful to use the indicators of collaborative strategic decision making. These indicators will help to benefit our students who need intervention supports to achieve success.” Judson Elementary School’s SPDG leadership team remains excited and equipped to meet the diverse learning needs of all students!

Published: November 9, 2015